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Meet the maker

Elizabeth Anne Donegan
known as Lizanne.

close up on the wheel.jpg

I began working in clay as a student in Art College, earning a B.A. in Fine Arts Ceramics from the Limerick School of Art and Design in Ireland.


In 1990 I moved to the U.S. and I established my first studio on Martha’s Vineyard. In the fall of 1993 I joined Potters Place a community studio and I’ve been a member ever since.


My work has evolved throughout the years.

I use the potters’ wheel to make functional shapes that I can turn into mugs, bowls and serving platters. I enjoy manipulating the soft clay, to make handles and adding and subtracting clay to achieve one of a kind hand made pieces.

I love to take a ball of clay and start with a pinch pot, molding the clay in my hands and playing with shapes that eventually turn into animals like my sweet blue birds or my wooly Irish sheep. My small whimsical sculptures offer me an escape from the everyday, a moment to pause and lose myself in the clay.


For decoration I like to paint images directly on the clay. I enjoy manipulating the surface of the clay to reveal a pattern or image from my designs. I love color, and I enjoy glazing my work as I bring an idea to completion.


As a member of Potters Place I've been very involved in the daily functions of the studio - A community run studio requires each member to contribute to its operations. During the years of my membership I've served on numerous committees, I've been the teacher liaison to the board and served as president of Potters Place.

My greatest contribution to Potters Place and the community is teaching. I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages and a variety of abilities for over 25 years.


My students are a great inspiration to me. I enjoy the interaction and challenges I experience as a teacher. It has made me a better potter.

turtle tile.jpg
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