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When I began working more intensely on the wheel my first goal was to produce a mug I would enjoy. The kind of mug that would be my favorite mug, the one I would choose over all others from the cabinet each morning for my first cuppa of the day. As I continue to make mugs I follow these principles each time.

I want you to love my mugs,because it feels good and it is your favorite mug.

I spend time on the details. Making the right size, a perfect rim to drink from, a good size handle.

The "man mug" was inspired by my husband's wish to have a mug he could use. At the time I was making very small mugs. I increased my mug size and mug handle until I made one that fit him perfectly. I dipped it in blue and brown glaze. The "man mug" was born and it is still my most popular mug for everyone to enjoy.

My gallery is a catalog of pottery I have made in the past and some pieces I continue to make. I like to share photos of my work in process too. If you see something here that is not currently available in my shop. Contact me and we can see if I can make an item similar to it.

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